St. Julien Park is a family park designed to provide a nice, safe environment for recreational and family enjoyment. It is a premium, state-of-the-art multi-use facility capable of enticing large sports and entertainment events which will provide a tremendous economic impact in the local community and surrounding businesses.


St. Julien Park exists to provide quality recreation programs, growth and development of our city’s youth, develop parks/recreation programs for the city of Broussard, and meeting and exceeding our citizen’s expectations by enriching the lives of all residents and promote the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle.


Youth sports gives kids the opportunity to build up their self-esteem and learn the essentials of playing a game and how to be a good sport. While parents cheer for their kids on the sidelines, it’s also imperative for them to be positive role models and strong examples of what it means to be a good sport. At St. Julien Park, we promote an atmosphere of friendly competition, fairness, and above all, sportsmanship and a healthy respect of the rules.