St. Julien Park offers a variety of athletic fields for rental, including: soccer, baseball, softball, and more. Fees listed below are for general field setups and events. Other sports and field setups may be available but must be verified through St. Julien Park. Rates are subject to change. Rate verification must be made at the time of contract for the scheduled event.

Usage Policies & Procedures

User Priority:

In order to be consistent with the St. Julien Park operations Agreement and in granting use of fields and specifying deposits, fee schedules, and administrative rules, the following priority user groups and guidelines apply:

Tournaments and Events that will provide a significant positive economic impact to the City of Broussard and St. Julien Park, including National and Regional tournaments and invitationals.

Scheduling Procedures:

After the schedule of play is established according to the above user priority model, all other open dates will be evaluated and rentals will be determined based on best fit for St. Julien Park.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the event of inclement weather, St. Julien Park staff will evaluate field conditions for playability. If fields are deemed unplayable by 1:00pm CST, then the Sports Complex will make the final call to suspend all play for the remainder of that day. Tournament Directors should plan accordingly and make changes to schedules if wishing to hold the remainder of the tournament on subsequent days.

Special Events Permits:

St. Julien Park may require additional permission permits, fees, and security deposits in some cases. The Sports Complex reserves the right to increase the fee based on the nature of the activity.


If damage occurs to any portion of the facility or sports complex equipment and the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the damage/security deposit, the renter will be billed for any additional expense at replacement cost.